Tuesday, September 30, 2014


 Helicopter's main rotor blades

October 1 is City Daily Photo Theme Day and this month the theme is MOTION.

FYI: You're correct, this post is alive one day early because I accidentally uploaded today's post (Gray Jays) yesterday!

This time of year, one way to see and photograph the colourful trees in Algonquin Provincial Park is to fly over them in a helicopter.


The helicopter filled my camera screen and - even though the machine was moving slowly-  it was quite low and I had trouble  keeping it totally in my view finder. Here I clipped the propeller!

Tail rotor blades

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Gray Jay

 A bird in the hand is worth...

Saturday my husband and I visited Algonquin Provincial Park with birder/photographer friend Paul to enjoy the fall colour and, of course, to take photos of wildlife there. The leaves were approaching peak and you would NOT believe the carloads and busloads of people who had the same idea we had...so wildlife was scarce. But people-friendly gray jays can be depended on to appear as long as you provide them with dried cranberries and/or peanuts.

 Thank you Mr. Nice Guy!  I love peanuts!

After a few minutes, three gray jays arrived to eat and take away goodies to their secret stashes, preparing for winter.

FYI: The Gray Jays (AKA Whiskey Jacks)  inside Algonquin PP wear bands because they are part of a research project. Gray Jays are amazing because they do NOT migrate but live through the winter eating the peanuts, dried cranberries and whatever else they have stashed away all summer, which they have hidden in places such as under tree bark. They must have incredible memories as they appear to find most of what they have hidden away!

Paul feeding and photographing a gray jay

Paul's photos can be seen HERE.

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