Monday, November 30, 2015

Seed Heads

 Coneflower Seed head WITH seeds #1

There's strong evidence that finches have been in my gardens lately, and I admit I am fascinated by the different designs they create when eating the seed heads of purple coneflowers

 Coneflower Seed head WITH seeds #3

 I don't cut the coneflower stems down until all the seeds are gone.

 Coneflower seed head WITHOUT seeds

I think the finches have been very hungry!

Ornamental grass seeds

I leave these up for winter interest in my gardens. To tell you the truth, I don't know if the birds eat these seeds or not.

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Green Thumb's Scavenger Hunt

 a. Stranger

The woman climbing the passenger car steps is a stranger. Actually, she is also a photo bomb who entered the picture when I was trying to get a candid shot of the conductor (also a stranger) about to board the Tottenham excursion train.

 b. Looking Down

I was standing on a bridge.

c. Pop Culture

Maybe not today's pop culture, true, but it certainly was five to 15 years ago!

d. Weather

It was a windy day, the reason she was holding onto her hat. (Yep, I could have used this for letter i below.)

e. Big

Left over from Halloween, I think, these giant mushrooms reached to the top of the downstairs windows of an art gallery.

f. Sign

Do you believe this sign?

g. Bottle

Three bottles beneath these partying gods. (I think they are gods, but I could be totally wrong about that.)  It's part of a store display.

h. Out and About

Two girls out for a walk in a public park.

i. Hat

Bright, fluffy hat and mitts that on a cold day would be much appreciated.

j. Hole

I don't know who made this hole - and I did NOT put my hand in to find out.

k. One

Just one fuzzy caterpillar out for a walk. It didn't stop to tell me where it was going.

l. Whatever

Is it too early to post something Christmas-y?

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