Friday, February 5, 2010

Average/ Photo Hunter

An average sundown on an average winter day, driving towards an average big town
This week's Photo Hunter challenge: average

Even the bridge is average, except that it isn't finished. From here you can only drive south on the 404. In a few years (that's an average guess) we will also be able to travel north.

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George said...

I really don't think there is anything at all average about this picture.

Cezar and Léia said...

Wonderful composition, great idea!
Léia :)
*** and it's a fabulous perspective!

Craver Vii said...

Gee, one day I hope to get bumped up to average. ;-)

Anne said...

A great take on this average theme!


kayerj said...

--but not an average photographer :)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Beautiful --and definitely better than an AVERAGE picture, EG. The sun was really trying to shine for you!!!

Betty said...
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Betty said...

I agree with Betsy. It is definitely better then average.
♥♥ Hugs ♥♥

Lowell said...

A pretty nice photo considering how average things were!

Is there ice on that road?

Hope you didn't take this while driving!

Becky said...

What a"cool" picture EG. I really like it, and we see basically the same hazy sun down here.

Carver said...

I guess one person's average is another person's beautiful. I think this is very beautiful.

jams o donnell said...

If that is an average sunset I would kill to see a stunning one! Great take on the theme!

Kim, USA said...

I see you don't have that much of snow...same here in MI. Like the sun too. ^_^

Average critter Koi

candi said...

Nice shot for the theme.

YTSL said...

Why does the sign look like its left side has been chewed on? ;)

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Wow, I did the exact same thing except mine are broken up into independent photos!! That chilly winter sky looks awfully familiar!

Mrs. Mecomber

Lorna said...

I too like your perspective---especially about Toronto being an average town.

Scott Law said...

I really enjoyed your very above average take on this difficult theme.

Scott at World’s Best Photography Blog

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