Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Frost on sunroom window (February 2016(

G is for GLITZ, nature's glitz.

Nature puts on a show all year long, even in winter. Here are three examples of nature's winter glitz: two from this year and one from a couple of years ago.

Melting icicles (February 2016)

The sun is moving towards the spring equinox so the sun is getting warmer and  melting ice and snow that form icicles.
Ice storm, December 2013

Beautiful but scary was the ice storm that hit Ontario a couple of years ago. Isn't it amazing how icicles formed on each and every needle of this pine?

BONUS Scrabble two-letter word:

gi - a judo or karate costume

The same family member who knits socks (HERE) also teaches beginner karate.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Past Revisited

 An old-time gas station

I discovered these murals in my archives, the photos taken four-and-a-half years ago. I have no idea if these murals are still there. The first is/was over a former garage door in Flesherton (Ontario, Canada) and was painted in 2001 by Allen C. Hilgendorf, an artist who created many murals across Ontario. Sadly, he died about  two-and-a-half years ago...but he lives on through his paintings.

Markdale Station

Sorry about the ugly shadows!  This mural on the side of Markdale's old fire station was painted in 2000 by Hilgendorf.  He seems to have had a passion for vintage trains because I've seen several of his works that include trains and stations.

Left-hand side of the second mural

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