Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wood duck/ Camera Critters

Wood duck swimming in the creek near a railway bridge

I tried to be very quiet so this wood duck would swim nearer for me to take a  close-up photo...

 but he turned and swam into the marshy areas alongside the creek.  Maybe next time!

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Lorac said...

Aren't they beautiful? Gorgeous colours.

Rose said...

They are wonderful...I think of all things God created, he must have really let loose when creating birds and butterflies.

Paulie said...

Better luck next time! Sometimes they show off for you and other times, they could care less.

Kathy said...

My first thought when I read "wood duck" was a wooden decoy! LOL! We don't have ponds around here except on golf courses and that's usually the only place we see ducks, either there or following the irrigation canals!

Anonymous said...

I love them so much we put up a wood duck nesting box last fall. Nothing but starlings (which were removed). I know there is at least one wood duck hen on a nest somewhere near here as her mate comes and calls her every evening and they look around under the bird feeders. I think he is the most beautiful duck....Michelle

Small City Scenes said...

One of the most beautiful colored ducks around. You got a good shot. MB

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