Friday, April 18, 2008


Sky-blue stars are out and about - finally - in many EG gardens! chionodoxa (glory of the snow) are tiny bulbs, one of the first to put up flowers in spring.

And here they are! Isn't life grand?


Shammickite said...

Blue sky flowers! :-)

dot said...

Very pretty! I've never heard of them but then I don't know much about flowers.

dot said...

I love your blue shopping carts! As soon as I saw them I remembered I had some red ones. I tried and tried to get my picture to post after yours but I couldn't. I kept changing the time but it just wouldn't work.

Tom said...

These are beautiful, it must be a pleasure to see then come out... we have had spring flowers out for a while.. the last 3 days as been so cold you would think winter was back on its way..

Anonymous said...

these are chionodoxa (glory of the snow) not scilla, but therefore the more beautiful!

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