Saturday, June 14, 2008

Country Crafts

Taking the scenic route to my favourite gardencentre, we almost passed this mailbox. Well, we actually did pass it but then backed up because I had my camera and…you know the story. I just HAD to take a photo. ;-)
Across the road, the owner of the mailbox was mowing her lawn but stopped her mower to check out what I was up to. So of course I had to explain I was merely taking a picture not trying to steal her bills. LOL

Her driveway was lined with birdhouses, so I took a closer look. A friend of hers makes them and she sells them from her driveway, the basement of her barn (you can see in the background) and her side porch. I really like this cockeyed birdhouse, but there were so many others to look at too.
Here's her porch display. I purchased the birdhouse on the reddish brown stool. I love the jagged bottom edge. Sure I had less money to buy plants, but it was worth it, don't you agree?

My husband has anchored the new birdhouse on the side of his workshop/my greenhouse trellis. And would you believe a sparrow is ALREADY building a nest in it?

Ha! All that because I wanted to take a photo of a mailbox!


Day4plus said...

Perfect!! I love it. I really like the weathered kind---they look more natural to the bird--I hope anyway. Cute idea on the one you got. MB

Kerri Farley said...

These are fabulous!! Glad you were able to purchase one.
That mailbox is pretty cool too!!!

Rose said...

You inspire me to get busy--I know of one or two out of the ordinary mailboxes and have always meant to go take a picture but never have. Well, one of them I 'think' I can remember where it is.

I built some birdhouses once and put them out at the orchard where I worked. I need to built a few and put them around here.

Hilda said...

Her mailbox is gorgeous! It would have stopped me too. And it looks like we have the same taste in birdhouses—I was eyeing that jagged-edged one too.

Thank you for the story (aside from the photos)! Love it.

Unknown said...

I would LOVE to have that mailbox! But with my luck it would get stolen.
I love birdhouses too!

Anonymous said...

lovely tree houses .... even a sparrow would enjoy its stay there .... :-)

Anonymous said...

God blesses people who care more about wildlife than other things. I think so. Some people don't. If you don't that is still OK 'cause I still love your photography and the bird houses are fantastic and this is Father's Day, or it is her e where I live. Happy Mother's day to you 'cause I must have missed it.

Tom said...

Sounds like you bought that box just in time..

Darla said...

Those are some wonderful bird houses. I'll bet the one you chose looks super in your garden.


Anonymous said...

I really like the primitive look of the birdhouses. They're a nice break from the overly ornate birdhouses you see all over the place today.

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