Friday, June 20, 2008

First Graders in the Garden

It was a cool but sunny day in EG. Notice that even though it's mid June, the kids and adults are wearing jackets and sweaters. In spite of the weather, the first graders were excited. On this day they were planting annuals in a community garden.
Here they are lined up along the edge of the garden tending their plants. Every first grader got to plant their own cosmos, marigolds, or cleome.

During the summer, another group of kids -- nature campers -- will weed this garden and water it with watering cans filled at the ever-flowing spring across the street.
And here some of the first graders are waving hello to you.

The school year will be over at the end of June. But when school starts again in September, these kids will be SECOND graders, which means, of course, they'll be much bigger having grown like weeds over the summer. Hopefully there will be no weeds in the garden though. LOL And the cleome and cosmos will have grown very tall.


dot said...

What a cute post and a really neat idea for the kids to do that.
I remember it being quite cool in the summer when I lived in Maine.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh the last days of school remember them well with my own kids, and two weeks later saying how bored they are. Love the post

Small City Scenes said...

What a great idea for the kids and the community. MB

Rose said...

That is so nice to give the kids a chance to plant something...I think all kids enjoy digging in the dirt. I hope they all get to watch their plants grow.

I did notice the sweats and jackets and assumed these were taken earlier in the year till I read through your post.

Our school year starts mid August and is out near the end of May if we don't have a lot of snow days.

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