Sunday, March 1, 2009

Golf, Anyone?/Bridges Between

To see all kinds of bridges around the world, visit RuneE at Visual Norway


Leora said...

I just love when you photograph bridges. You always seem to get them to look interesting, to fit in with the setting, or to make an abrupt change in a natural setting with: "oh, what is a bridge doing in that idyllic setting?"

George said...

I just love the bridges in the winter landscape you've captured. The blue bridges against the white snow is a beautiful sight.

Cathy said...

great photo--the blue of the bridges really stands out!

Rune Eide said...

It seems that one has to do quite a bit of walking when playing Golf, so of course bridges are a necessity for crossing all those lakes that I hear the balls fall into. Well presented!

PS Thank you for the nice comment - I can't avoid posting the odd bridge in the future too :-)

PERBS said...

Well, am catching up after I couldn't finish posting for Monday. Got my Odd Shot up and then tried to get my Bridges between up but had so many computer problems that I have given up on doing it this month and that makes me sad.

I loved seeing your snow against the brilliant blue of the bridge. I bet it isn't as pretty with just green grass of the golf course. . . great job!

dot said...

The blue bridges look so pretty against the snow!

Unknown said...

Nice brigde shots!
Blue bridges are not everyday fare.

Mary said...

Snow always looks so much nicer when it's in someone else's backyard! But seriously, these bridges look so beautiful against the white snow. :)

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