Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Green

How about a bit of green since today is the first day of spring?

Oh boy! We sure could use some colour around here! White - and even worse, dirty white - is getting old, very old.

This well-kept barn is located near the centre of another EG community, a tiny one called Holt. As you can see, the green-stained siding brightens up the late-winter/early spring landscape.


Tom said...

Hopefully the sun will warm up soon, the snow melt and sring will burst out all over.

Two great post with great pictures.

Shammickite said...

You're right about the snow getting dirty and old, and there's still far too much of it, in fact on this official First Day of Spring, I'm seeing snowflakes!
The Easter Bunny better wear his winter jacket to deliver those eggs!

dot said...

Some folks in Georgia would love to see a really good snow fall like that! After living a winter in Maine many years ago I know what you mean about wanting to see green.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

Kim said...

I'm sorry you still have to dwell in the snow. This shot is very pretty. But as I've said before, I have a thing for barns!

VP said...

Oh for all that snow to start melting...

It looks like we'll be joining you in a dose of the white stuff over the weekend. Have a good Easter!

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful barn. Such a great image and a peek at green too. MB

Gerald (SK14) said...

the snow looks very crisp and unwalked in.

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