Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weathered Barn

Many old wooden barns seem to have joined the ranks of "endangered species" but this East Gwillimbury barn, greyed by the weather, still houses cattle, hay and some farm equipment.


Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful barn. I do love barns--old and new. It looks like you may get a little sunshine today. We're having rain. MB

Janet said...

Old barns have such character. It's so sad that they are disappearing from the landscape in many places. The old weathered wood is beautiful.

Kim said...

It's a lovely old barn. I like its lines and proportions. It's good to hear its still a going concern, too, not a hobby farm.

I love your snow shots in the last number of days, especially the beautiful creek!!! and the neighbors talking over their shovels.
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Marie said...

I think this barn and other ones should be preserved (if that makes sense). I had an old farm in Belgium. The barn was as huge as this one but it was made of bricks.

I have been to Ontario once. I absolutely loved the people there.

EG CameraGirl said...

How nice of you to say that! You've made my day!

Tom said...

I love this kind of barn, we do not see these where I live..
I am going to link back here from my place as you have a very worthwhile blog... it gets my interests going.

Kim said...

I have a huge passion for old barns! This one is indeed a great one for photographing.

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