Thursday, May 22, 2008

Apple Blossom Time

Drive down a country road these days and you're sure to find wild apple trees loaded with blossoms, pale pink tinged with rose. Above you can see a tree that if all the blossoms are pollinated will be totally covered with apples this coming autumn.
There are so many wild trees around here that's it's hard to imagine that before Europeans settled North America there were NO apples in Ontario. Early settlers brought apple seeds and trees with them to the New World.


Small City Scenes said...

Don't you just love apple blossoms. There are a few apple orchards in the vally and they are just glowing now, but what is really beautiful I thik, is the lone tree out in the woods or all by itself in a meadow. MB

Arr Cee said...

Very nice, we don't seem to have many apple trees here, but we do have wild cherry, which have pale pink blossom.

Anonymous said...

I think apple trees have the nicest blooms. Mine bloomed very nice this spring and now there are a lot of apples on the tree.

dot said...

I bet your area is a pretty sight. The blooms are gorgeous!

Marcel said...


Shammickite said...

Lots of blossom on my ancient apple tree in the back yard, but unfortunately the apples are always wormy and soft... great for apple jelly but no good for eating!

chrome3d said...

I love this kind of tree. I have almost the same kind in my backyard.

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