Monday, May 5, 2008

Downy Yellow Violet

Apparently, according to the person I walk in the forest with most weekdays, I’ve been walking past blooming downy yellow violets (Viola pubescens) for more than a week. OOPS! I guess I was so intent on finding the perfect trillium that I completely overlooked these tiny golden beauties! Suddenly I became aware of them and saw them everywhere. My friend had a good, hearty laugh.

Across most of North America east of the Rocky Mountains (except the extreme South), downy yellow violets grow in dry woods in rich soil. Common yes. But still appreciated…at least by me when I finally see them. ;-)

Did you notice the ant walking along the stem? It thinks it’s a bridge!


dot said...

I've never in my life seen a yellow violet. Thanks for showing me one!
Neat catch of the ant!

Small City Scenes said...

Sweet little posey. We have a similar violet (Viola glabella)
Thanks for sharing. MB

Tom said...

Wild flowers are something that I have just started to take a note of.. I do not think we have these.. but I will keep my eyes open for others

Suzi-k said...

such interesting flowers, I am not familiar with any of the ones in these 3 posts. It is funny how it works, focussing on one thing and not seeing others, like when you get a new car and suddenly see how many of that sort are on the road, that you just never really noticed before.

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