Friday, May 23, 2008

Downtown Port Perry

Port Perry is a picturesque tourist community east of East Gwillimbury and about an hour northeast of the city of Toronto. Clothing stores, restaurants, caf├ęs, galleries and antique shops line both sides of the Victorian-era main street (Queen Street). The main reason my husband and I like to visit Port Perry is to browse the town’s used bookstore, which is situated behind the shops in this photo. One of us is sure to leave with at least one book...usually more.
Across the street on the south side, chocoholics can visit The Nutty Chocolatier. ;-)
Or slip down an alley to photograph the town’s quaint architecture from a different angle.
Then cross the street again to take a shot looking easterly to see why this town is such a tourist attraction: Palmer Park beside Lake Scugog. It was a cool, dreary day but you can see the lake in the background. More about the lake tomorrow.


Kim said...

What an attractive downtown you've shown us. I immediately wanted to explore and go shopping with you! I think with these photos you will up the amount of tourism to this charming town.
Seattle Daily Photo

Day4plus said...

Nice tribute to little Port Perry. I see on your map where Scogog is. Handy map. MB

dot said...

Looks like a nice town. I would enjoy a trip to that little chocolate shop!

Shammickite said...

I've spent many happy hours window shopping in Port Perry. In fact, I dance there every Thursday through the winter and spring!

Tom said...

This looks a nice place... and what I liked was 'no litter' our towns are full of rubbish blowing about.

Suzi-k said...

what a delightful place, i love the architecture. We are the same, old bookshops are a fatal attraction!

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