Monday, May 19, 2008

A Real Dandy Farm

Have you ever seen so many dandelions in all your life? Not me. I can't believe how YELLOW the field is!

The side of the hill carpeted in gold faces southerly so it receives lots of sunlight to make strong, healthy plants and zillions of seeds.
Here's another view, just in case you didn't believe the first one.

Did you ever blow on a dandelion's fluffy, white seed head? Did you get your wish?


Small City Scenes said...

They are so pretty at this stage. So golden! A friend calls them meadow Daisies. The birds love the seeds. MB

chrome3d said...

Green and yellow look so good together. I´ve never tried blowing and wishing. Thanks for the tip, got to try it!

Arr Cee said...

Those are dandelions? I've never seen them grow in such profusion. We have some similar scenes here, but the yellow tends to be from buttercups.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have seen fields like that and also lawns or the neighbor's yards. Covered in dandelions which makes the rest of the neighbors nervous because they all go to seed and that means lots of chemicals comes out to try to kill them. The world would be better off to just set back and enjoy the color while it lasts. The photographs you took shows how beautiful they can be.

Tanya Breese said...

Wow, no I've never seen so many! I have a few in my yard that my kids like to pick for me!
Yes, we blow on the fluffy dandelion to make a wish...can't say if one has come true, but I am blessed!

Rose said...

I love this picture...and no I have never seen so many dandelions! Yesterday I seen this field of mustard and thought it was amazing, but that is sort of normal. This you don't see everyday.

dot said...

What a beautiful sight that is! It's been a long time since I've blown on one of those puffs. Maybe I should try it. lol.
I've never read the book you mentioned. Should I search the library for it?

Tom said...

What a view.. I was lucky enough to be feeling well and wanting a walk today.. I saw a field full of buttercups and daisy's it was a wonderful site much like this

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