Monday, July 14, 2008

Odd Shots/ Popular Pastime

Hanging on power lines over a bridge in East Gwillimbury

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Isadora said...

Don't know much about fishing, but looking at the photo, I would suspect that I am not alone in that? :)

Texas Travelers said...

That's odd.
(except around a lake)

Great odd shot photos.

Come visit our odd shot,
Troy and Martha

dot said...

A trail I used to walk on had one sneaker that hung on a power line for a while.
Maybe someone was practicing!

ArneA said...

What about swapping hobby.
Fishing with another tool may be a starting point
Really odd

Anonymous said...

It is as well that fishing line does not conduct electricity. A shocking business that would be.

Dragonstar said...

What a stupid thing to do! Surely You'd check around and above before starting to cast!
Odd decoration indeed.

Daryl said...

Around these parts, New York City's various boroughs, kids graduating from high school toss their sneakers/gym shoes over powerlines ... not sure why ...


Katney said...

fishing for?

maybe flying fish?

imac said...

Cor, thats odd shot but tis a great odd shot.

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