Saturday, May 10, 2008

All in Vane?

Many of the weather vanes in EG have horses on them, probably because this is horse country. But it could also be because the horse is a symbol of strength, devotion and loyalty, stamina and power, wisdom, and freedom.

The arrow always points into the wind and tells the direction that the wind is coming from. The wind on this day was coming from the west. But wait! What does that really mean?

Well, according to the old joke,
If it’s dry, the weather is clear.
If it’s wet, it’s raining.
If it’s white, it’s snowing
And if it’s gone? It’s a tornado.


Small City Scenes said...

Nice picture. I have a horse weather vane on the shed in the pasture. I love 'em. MB

dot said...

Cute! I love weather vanes but don't see them around here. Too many tornadoes maybe!

Anonymous said...

Weather vanes have gone the way of the lightening rods around here. No more to be seen. No more lightening to attract. It is a shame.

Tom said...

Great Weather Viane... I always look out for these.. and I have never heard that saying before... I will write that one down.. :O)

Rose said...

I have to borrow your little poem--it makes me laugh. I have to send it to my brother....

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