Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh Dandelion

I don't want to make any enemies here, but I actually like dandelions. ;-)

From "Poems for Memorization"
Rod and Staff Publishers

"Oh dandelion, yellow as gold,
What do you do all day?"
"I just wait here in the tall green grass
Till the children come out to play."

"O dandelion, yellow as gold,
What do you do all night?"
"I wait and wait til the cold dews fall
And my hair grows long and white."

"And what do you do when your hair is white
And the children come out to play?"
"They take me up in their dimpled hands
And blow my hair away."


Tanya Breese said...

Beautiful collage! I like them too, they remind me of my children. They love picking them for me! We have plenty in our yard,lol.

dot said...

Wow, how pretty! I like them too.

ptowngirl said...

Quite a beautiful collage! I love dandelions too - they are so simple, yet pretty, it's hard to believe they are weeds! :-)


Shammickite said...

When I was a child in UK, if we picked a bunch of dandelions, we would always be told that we would wet the bed.... which explains the French name for dandelions... "piss-en-lit"!
And we would write on our hands with the juice that comes out of the broken stems.

Rose said...

Wow, makes the dandelion look like a well loved flower. A nice collage, and I love the poem.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Lovely montage, and poem

Tom said...

That is the best poem for the Dandelion I have ever comew across..
I like to see them in field like the pictures show, but onlt up wind from my houses.. your capture are stunning..

Small City Scenes said...

What a sweet poem. I like Dandelions too. They are such a brilliant yellow. My friend calls them Meadow Daisies. MB

mrsnesbitt said...

Loved this collage.
Our goose, Jo loves these too!

mary said...

I found this when I was in the 4th grade some 80 plus years ago . I loved it then as a child . still do .

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