Sunday, May 4, 2008

Red Trillium

Isn't this red trillium (Trillium erectum) incredibly beautiful? This photo, just like yesterday's, were taken in the York Regional Forest. They aren't as prolific as the white ones, but I do know where there are quite a few. ;-) So if red trillium find rich soil they particularly like, they do multiply!

As you have likely guessed, the common name (red trillium) alludes to the red flowers of this species. But surprise! The blossoms can also be purple, greenish and sometimes yellow. I'm on the lookout for these rarer colours.

Another name for this plant is stinking Benjamin because (EW!) the flowers smell like rotting meat. Are you thinking maggots? No, no maggots on these plants. But red trilliums are pollinated by flies.


Small City Scenes said...

So pretty as are most woodland flowers. MB

Tom said...

Pollinated by flys, and smelling like rotted meat.. sometimes you come across a thing and it really shows how wonderful nature can be... Bee have the sweet smelling flowers, but lets make use of all these flies thought nature.. how good it that?..:O)

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful flower whose value is little known. I just like your photography.

dot said...

Beautiful and interesting. I like that name "stinking Benjamin"!

Neal said...

That's beautiful. We have lots of Toadshade trillums around here.

Shammickite said...

I posted the same flower... gorgeous aren't they???

Rose said...

You sure got a nice shot of it!

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