Saturday, July 5, 2008

White Admiral Butterfly

White Admiral
My friend Deb and I never know what we're going to see on our walks in the forest but I always carry my camera just in case. Deb is an artist and has a great eye. And I have to admit she saw the white admiral butterfly first. AH! But I had the camera. LOL

I know very little about butterflies except that they're beautiful and somehow exotic, even if they are common. (Oxymoron is my middle name.) So I had to search the Internet to learn more. This is what I discovered:

Native to deciduous and mixed-evergreen forests east of the Rocky Mountains, the white admiral (Limenitis arthemis arthemis) also sometimes lives in forest edges and clearings. (Yep, that's where we found this one, in a small clearing in the York Regional Forest.)

I also read that white admirals are rarely seen on plants. OOPS! This white admiral didn't read the manual! It's eating nectar from blossoms on a dogbane plant.


Small City Scenes said...

That is a beautiful Butterfly. I haven't seen that one and since we are west of you I don't suppose I will. So thanks for having your camera with you. I feel naked without mine too. MB

Isadora said...

A wonderful joint venture between you and Deb. Glad you go for walks in such a beautiful place and handy to have a camera - that is one great photo with such detail. Yes, the butterfly is beautiful and so is the branch and flowers.

Tom said...

A great picture of a beautiful butterfly.. and neat info to..

Kerri Farley said...

WOW! An absolutely stunning butterfly! Amazing shot!!

Jane Hards Photography said...

This is a very beautiful butterfly, and a very good catch. Lovely detail.

Rose said...

He sure is handsome! I don't think I have seen this kind but we do have the Red Admiral. Butterflies are like winged flowers to me...just so beautiful.

USelaine said...

That's a gorgeous photo! Plus, I just saw a photo that reminded me of central Canadians like yourself on The Onion!

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