Friday, October 17, 2008

Virginia Creeper

I can't believe people around here buy Virginia creeper at nurseries when it's so abundant in the wild. Of course, most of the year the vine is inconspicuous so perhaps they don't recognize the plant's five-leaf motif. This photo was taken when it was just beginning to show it's true colours.

And this is what it looks like NOW! I think it's beautiful. And bonus: it has lovely dark blue berries. But trust me, if you live in Ontario all you need to do is plant a few blue berries and before you know it, the vine will cover your fence, your garage, your car.... I have a Virginia creeper in my back yard that I hope will soon disguise my four compost bins. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I love Virginia Creeper! Happy Skywatch Friday!

Coy Hill said...

I too love the colors of Virgina Creeper. We have it growing wild here also. I'm enjoying all of the great autumn foliage shots you have been posting, excellent work!

2sweetnsaxy said...

I'm almost tempted to ask you to send me some berries. Great colors in those leaves!

Shammickite said...

I planted a cedar hedge a couple of years ago and a creeper came with one of the bushes. It's now crept all along my fence and is really pretty, but I don't think it's V Creeper as it hasn't turned red, but it does have little bluish berries. Any ideas?

Rose said...

Very well captured....I think it is so beautiful.

Small City Scenes said...

Very pretty. A fast growing vine--useful at times. Nice color. MB

Anonymous said...

I not only love the photos, I learned something as well. I did not know the name of this plant, and now I do. I have heard wisteria described as "shed-eating" and I bet the vc can be as vigorous. But beautiful!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is really beautiful.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

We have Virginia Creeper here, also we have Staghorn Sumac and they both become red in fall here.
I used to think the vine was Oregon Grape, maybe that is what Shammickite has in her bushes.

Anonymous said...

The colors are magnificent.

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